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Research and production company SIGMA GROUP since 1994 works in the market of Russia and the CIS countries.

We develop, supply, implement and support software for the needs of the geological and production and technical services of the oil and gas industry and UGS facilities.

The main product of our company, completely of our own development, was the SIGMA software package, designed for the collection, storage and analysis of geological and geophysical, technological and field information, operational control over the development of the field.

The SIGMA complex has been successfully operated by more than 30 enterprises in the industry, thanks to which the company has gained extensive experience in creating and implementing complete solutions.

The modern version of the SIGMA software for Gazprom enterprises is called FlowCurator.

The company has a well-established high-tech production of software products, which allows, if necessary, to adapt and maintain the data model and software for the needs of each client.


Combining the widest range of information from various sources, SIGMA allows you to create and maintain databases of real, planned and simulated objects of interest.

The unique variant mechanism makes it possible to save and use all source information, even if it contradicts other data. A detailed description of the origin of the data allows the information to be reused more frequently.

Support various catalog systems and naming, multilingualism, change logging, unit of measurement conversion and much more.

Customer specialists are available complete and always up to date data model technical description.

The representation of the data model in application applications is easy to understand, despite the huge amount of information described.

Provided "smart" work with incomplete data, as a result, the practical absence of unrealistic requirements for incoming information.

Easy scalability allows using the product from the personal level to the level of a corporate information and analytical system.


SIGMA applications provide the user with a user-friendly, intuitive interface based on modern ergonomic concepts, with powerful graphics and flexible information handling capabilities.

It supports search, analysis, processing, modification of information and preparation of documents interactively or using templates. Documents (or templates) created on the basis of information from the database can be used standalone, without connecting to the database, or sent as "one document/template - one file" to other users.

Windows OS "understands" SIGMA documents/templates and supports work in Explorer or on the desktop, context menu control, search, including content, "Recent Documents", control from the taskbar, "pinned to the list". Automatic display of the content of SIGMA documents in the form of graphical thumbnails is supported.

Printing of documents, including large format, is provided.

Supports the ability to step-by-step undo / redo changes in the document.

The powerful Database Explorer application provides a view of the SIGMA database in different views (adjusted by session templates).


SIGMA allows you to "mirroring" file storages to a database. As a result, the database stores a copy of each file (with or without content) with a description of the location in the file storage. At the same time, while maintaining the connection with the source, the data extracted from the file (group of files) is “decomposed”.

The update occurs automatically (for example, using the SIGMA FSM file monitor) or at the users request, in full or by difference of changes.

The variant mechanism allows you to store the extracted data in the SIGMA database along with the main (other) information and provides the ability to use file-related data together with other data from the database, for example, in the database explorer, on a tablet, maps, etc.

It is possible to use search by the contents of files associated with objects of interest as one of the criteria for requesting information. In total, automatic parsing of several hundred file formats is supported.

SIGMA applications have built-in quick file browsing with autodetect encoding for text formats.

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